A San Francisco
Family Photographer

Easygoing photo sessions for adventurous Bay Area families.

You want photos that are real.

There is nothing wrong with a posed photo, but you want something more.

You want photos that feel natural.

My goal with every session is to make everyone feel completely at ease so that your photos are filled with tear-jerking authenticity.

An award-winning portfolio

Hi, I’m David

(he, him)

I was an island child. I grew up with sand between my toes and salt in my hair. My photo sessions are easygoing and I am always up for an adventure.

I create comfortable spaces for real moments. And I am always looking for the story.

Expect some direction and lots of interaction, but very little traditional posing. I focus a lot of energy on your kids – working hard to really see them and to mirror their energy. 

Instead of showing up with a shot list, I bring an open heart.

“We were free just to be us…”

– Adrienne F
Cole Valley Mom

My Services

Family of for stacked vertically on a beach laughing together.


If you’re looking for a family photographer in the Bay Area, you’ve come to the right place. Keep scrolling to learn more.

Pregnant woman holds her belly and looks towards sun beneath the Lovers' Lane eucalyptus forest.


A lifestyle approach to the season of waiting. Find out more about my maternity session pricing & process.


An honest and unposed look at the season of change. Find more details and pricing before booking your session.


A slower pace and a vintage vibe. Add film photography to any session for a more documentary feel.

“He made things so easy for us, just like walking with a friend through the park, talking about life and both of our upcoming bundles of joy. He found just the right way to put our son at ease and not on display.”

– Ashley Stopka
San Francisco Mom

An Easy Process

You are a busy San Francisco parent, and family photography shouldn’t be complicated. My process is the perfect mix of efficient yet personal.


in touch

It takes 60 seconds. Right away, we’ll get a date on the calendar.



A phone call with your photographer & a detailed questionnaire. I want to know what matters to you.



An easygoing experience that
your kids and your partner will enjoy.



With a little help,
creating heirloom artwork is easy.

“The one we got printed & framed is just so beautiful –
to me it reflects who we are as a family, walking,
hand in hand, through this breathtaking,
unpredictable, and beautiful world….”

– Anne Diaz
Bernal Heights Mom

A family of four on a sunny beach.

Family Session Pricing

60-90 minute photo shoot

50+ digital images

$100 print credit

Price – $1275
Return clients – $1075


The way I photograph and edit the images from a session depends on how I feel after my time with your family. Was it a moody evening in the forest, quietly exploring with your toddler? Was it a sun-soaked morning at the beach with two wild pre-schoolers? I would edit these galleries completely differently. What matters to me is that the feeling of your gallery fits the experience.

Easygoing, unposed, interactive. During most of my sessions, we chat a lot. I ask questions about your family and I share details about mine. If you have kids with you, I spend a lot of time connecting with them and building trust. 

I will direct you towards beautiful light. I might ask you to repeat a loving gesture. If I see that your hair or clothing is askew, I’ll tell you. But I do not “pose” in the traditional sense, so expect candid photos that are beautifully un-polished.

Within 4 weeks of your session (6 weeks for film photos). Rush processing is available for an additional fee. 

Why so long? My stepwise process is part of my artistic signature, and it takes time. I do my best work when I come back to a session day after day, for weeks. A lot of energy goes into selecting and editing the best images for your gallery.

The weather in San Francisco can be great all year long, so it is not worth waiting for a particular season. Winter is more variable but offers incredible moments before and after the storms. My schedule is also more flexible in Winter. Spring is windy and great for raw and wild moments. Summer is warm and sunny or beautifully foggy depending on location and timing. Fall is considered our “best season,” but note that locations are busier and wildfire smoke can be an issue.

TLDR – don’t stress about the season.

Yes, but only when I think my style and skillset will serve you well. Think tiny weddings, elopements, intimate family events, and documentary-style images.

I don’t do studio photography. My photo sessions take place outside or in your home.

Some of my all-time favorite images have come from foggy sessions. If you are adamant about sunshine, let’s talk about locations that are less likely to be foggy. I do not reschedule for clouds or fog.

If the forecast 48 hours before your session shows rain, I am happy to reschedule. That said, I LOVE a family that gets out in the rain. Kids with cute umbrellas splashing around in rain boots make for some iconic San Francisco moments!

Get in touch

My calendar fills up fast. Summer, Fall, and weekends in San Francisco often book at least 6 weeks in advance. Get in touch today to find some availability.

The Power of Prints

You have tens of thousands of digital images stored somewhere on a hard drive. But I’ll bet the few printed photos you possess are more meaningful than all of the digitals combined.

Print Boxes

Glass print boxes filled with archival prints on cotton paper. I imagine myself sitting down with my daughter Maggie in years to come, watching her hold these textured prints between her little fingers. Then fishing them out of an attic someday to show her children.

Handcrafted Frames

I build (yes, I build them myself) frames of upcycled Bay Area wood – maybe even a tree that fell in your neighborhood. Elm from Golden Gate Park or Sweet Gum from Noe Valley – each piece adds depth to your photos. I use mostly hand tools and finish them with plant-based oils. This is a labor of love.

Why I Became a Photographer in San Francisco

When I moved to the Outer Sunset I was blown away by the natural spaces. Bike rides through Golden Gate Park, sunsets reflected in the pools of Sutro Baths, morning hikes from Lands End. And the Golden Gate Bridge and Marin Headlands just a low-key background for all of it. 

A lot of San Francisco families have a natural connection to their surroundings. I saw this immediately and it reminded me of my upbringing. I use my camera to tell that story.

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