David Enloe


If I take one thing too seriously, it is joy.

Joy is not about forced cheeriness or pretend smiles. It is about finding meaning and beauty in every season of your life. It is about embracing the rainy mornings alongside the sun-soaked afternoons.

We only have so long on this lovely planet and I believe in living fully. The way I photograph families reflects this need to find beauty everywhere.

Man looks out from behind a professional camera

A comfortable space for honest pictures.

A lot of the folks I work with are not all that comfortable in front of a camera.

Parents who are more interested in being present with their kids than in sharing them on Instagram. Moms-to-be who want to remember this season but hate the focus on their changing bodies. Kids who are not used to being on display.

Know the feeling?

You are in the right place.

“David is such an easygoing, funny,
and likable dude.”

– Ben Frese
Outer Sunset Dad

“As trans people, it was also important that we had someone who was respectful and welcoming.
David was the perfect fit for us…”

– Santana Tapia
San Francisco LGBTQ+

My Signature Style

Mom tenderly kisses newborn's head while standing in a foggy forest.


I am looking for beautiful moments no matter the mood. This is about storytelling and about remembering your today.


Whether your session is captured on film or digital, I am always inspired by the look and feel of vintage Kodak films.

Environmental Compositions

Because place matters to you. I love stepping back to create beautiful images that connect you to your surroundings.

Awards, Features & Publications

2024 – Beginner Photography Podcast Interview
2024 – Giggster’s Top 10 Family Photographers in San Francisco
2024 – Heartful Magazine Feature Story
2024 – SF Bay Area Mom’s Guest Post How Contact Naps Improved My Productivity.
2024 – Bold Voyage Magazine Interview
2023 – Elena S Blair November Cover Contest winner
2023 – Canvas Rebel Magazine Interview
2023 – Bay Area Parent Best of the Best gold medalist for San Francisco and Marin Family Photographers.
2023 – Elena S Blair Photography Education 2023 February, March, April, June, August & 2024 March, April
2023 – Elena S Blair Print Competition finalist for Real Life, top 3 for Movement categories.
2023 – Fearless Family Photographers Mother’s Day, Fearless Family Photographers Pride Gallery, Father’s Day
2023 – Family Photojournalist Association “Family” winner
2023 – Lifestyle Photographer’s “Family Portrait” winner


I grew up in a family that valued shared experience.

My parents moved to the Virgin Islands before I was born. We set off in boats we did not know how to sail, we patched our battered home after it was smashed by hurricanes, we island hopped by boat, plane, and even windsurfer – and we did it all as a family.

These are the formative memories of my childhood, and they lead right to where I am today. I am obsessed with the process of documenting childhood and families and the adventures, big and small, that shape them.

Our first child, Margaret (aka Maggie, Magpie, Magnolia) was born in 2023. She has taught us so much already – to greet every single day with eyes wide open, to approach every challenge as the next great adventure, and to always have a camera at the ready.

Fun Facts

Mom holds baby daughter in tropical ocean as she learns to swim.

My wife and I both grew up in the Caribbean. She hates to admit it, but we were high school sweethearts. We took our daughter for her first visit when she was only 2 months old.

Man rows raft through big whitewater with two passengers on the bow.

My resume includes backpacking, rock climbing, mountain biking, backcountry skiing, whitewater rafting & kayaking, surfing, and sailing – if you get outside with your family, I can tell that story.

I used to fly airplanes and helicopters for a living. I got tired of the noise, the stress, and all the time away from home. I am grateful that I had the chance to transition to photography.

“David is awesome and easygoing, making everyone feel like we’re just casually hanging out, which set the tone to capture an authentic day.”

– Morgan Broms
Outer Sunset Mom

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