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I believe that if you like me, we will make great pictures together.

I think I know something about you already. You want to capture the real stuff – to make pictures that you will share with your grandchildren and say “This is us. That was our life.

You are in the right place.

Man stands outdoor holding puppy like a child.

“David is such an easygoing, funny,
and likable dude.”

– Ben Frese
Outer Sunset Dad

Awards & Features

2023 – Fearless Family Photographers Mother’s Day, Fearless Family Photographers Pride Gallery, Father’s Day
2023 – Family Photojournalist Association “Family” winner
2023 – Lifestyle Photographer’s “Family Portrait” winner
2023 – Elena S Blair November Cover Contest winner
2023 – Elena S Blair Photography Education: featured February, March, April, June, August
2023 – Elena S Blair Print Competition finalist for Real Life, top 3 for Movement categories.
2023 – Bay Area Parent Best of the Best gold medalist for San Francisco and Marin Family Photographers.
2023 – Canvas Rebel Magazine Interview

An island child

I grew up in a family that chose shared experiences over material excess.

My parents moved to the Virgin Islands before I was born. We set off in boats we didn’t know how to sail, we patched our battered home after it was smashed by hurricanes, we island hopped by boat, plane, and even windsurfer – and we did it all as a team.

These are formative memories of my childhood, and they lead right to where I am today. I am obsessed with the process of documenting childhood and families, and the adventures, big and small, that shape them.

Grainy film photo of family sitting on a car hood, windsurfers loaded on the rack.

“David is awesome and easygoing, making everyone feel like we’re just casually hanging out, which set the tone to capture an authentic day.”

– Morgan Broms
Outer Sunset Mom

Along the way

I’m an old soul. My greatest strength may be my greatest weakness – I follow ideas, threads, even the tiniest sparks with monumental zeal. When I was younger I mostly followed things I was good at, often in the wrong direction. Now I’ve learned to follow the things I love. Here’s some insight from the past, present, and future.

I almost went to medical school. I actually paid the first deposit.

I’ve been a first responder, search and rescuer, whitewater guide, and pilot.

Photography is my last career. I plan to do it until the day I die.

Places I’ve lived, in order: Virgin Islands, San Luis Obispo, Bishop, Virgin Islands, Truckee, Atlanta, San Francsico. Lucky? You bet.

When I’m not making pictures or with my family, I am probably surfing Ocean Beach or climbing the Sierra Mountains to ski them.

We currently live with three dogs in our little SF box. It’s wild (less wild than when we had four dogs). I use a fur (lint) remover every time I leave the house.

Early to bed, early to rise is an understatement around our house. 8:45 is the preferred bedtime.

My favorite three books are Angle of Repose, Desert Solitaire, and West with the Night. If you’ve read all three, PLEASE let’s hang out. Coffee is on me.

“As trans people, it was also important that we had someone who was respectful and welcoming.
David was the perfect fit for us…”

– Santana Tapia
San Francisco LGBTQ+

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