I first met Alex and Nina at my Popup Photo Studio years ago. I remember vaguely chatting with them about vintage film cameras and my handmade wooden frames. I was talking with them as fellow photographers, not really expecting I would work with them someday.

It is always a bit intimidating when other photographers hire you to make pictures of them. Even so, I am always really honored and relish the inspiration to push myself and share my perspective. And once I get over the nerves it is always a lot of fun – we have a common language and can share ideas and visions.

Fellow artists are also always the most gracious clients. No surprise!

Nina and Alex ended up hiring me for three sessions over the course of nine weeks. The first was a couple’s session with their dog. Turns out, Nina was in the early stages of pregnancy during the session but didn’t even know it! But just seven months later we had a maternity session, followed quickly with newborn photos.

It is really wonderful getting to follow alongside families as they grow together.

A Foggy Couple’s Session in Golden Gate Park

Nina and Alex know how to embrace the fog. We went for a low key walk (well, low key except for the dog bike harness contraption) after they got off work. We chose the area around Metson Lake, a favorite location of both theirs and mine. The fog was thick but it was mid-summer and warmer than it looked.

Nina and Alex are both goofy and loving and they were plenty relaxed to let it show. They climbed up on old tree stumps with their dog and I took pictures of them photographing each other. I love how the blues of the dense fog contrast beautifully with the gold of the dry grass. A classic Bay Area color palette.

Everything in Bloom: A Spring Maternity Session at Land’s End

Their outfit choices set the tone for a colorful maternity session, but the neon wildflowers and pastel sunset sealed the deal. Editing this session was fun as I worked hard to find that balance between color “pop” and “overdone.”

I love nearly every photo from Nina and Alex’s maternity session, but my favorites are the ones that showcase their easygoing & goofy sides, as well as a few eclectic detail shots. The two of them “Titanic” posing in front of the evening sky, and the out-of-focus baby bump with Point Lobos crisp in the background – these are photos that tell a story by narrowing in on a moment or a feeling.

Are you the one who always takes the pictures?

You deserve to be in photos with your family

Newborn Photos at Stow Lake and Strawberry Hill

Newborn photo sessions are typically done at home, but Nina and Alex are people who get outside…even with a 4 week old.

It was a chilly afternoon, so we kept busy and kept moving, making Stow Lake and Strawberry Hill the perfect location. There are endless nooks and crannies around the lake, a redwood grove, a pavilion, and stairs through the forest along the edge of Huntington Falls.

There was a lot of meaning in bringing their newborn child to Stow Lake – they got engaged here. A few of the photos we took were modeled after the photos they have from that memorable day.

What an honor it has been to join and document for Nina and Alex this journey of starting a family.

Man squeezes baby to cheek in front of sunset and rocky beach.

I’m David, and I photograph Bay Area families that are super proud of where they live. My easygoing presence puts everyone at ease, and I focus on candid emotion and moments of connection. No posing, no stress.

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