Spring in the Bay Area can be a wild season. Afternoon winds are often 30+ miles per hour, and the Marin Headlands can bear the brunt of it. But for families willing to embrace the wind, it makes for beautiful photos full of motion and environmental flair.

This family like the idea of starting at Point Cavallo, the promontory overlooking the San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. Because of the crazy winds, we moved quickly up to Battery Yates and then continued over towards Cavallo Point Lodge and the extensive lawns in front of the quintessential old naval officer housing.

The photographs were a mix of digital and 35mm film. The session style was largely documentary – allowing their older son to lead the way. We especially wanted to capture a few moments of the two kids being silly and enjoying each other.

Man squeezes baby to cheek in front of sunset and rocky beach.

I’m David, and I photograph Bay Area families that are super proud of where they live. My easygoing presence puts everyone at ease, and I focus on candid emotion and moments of connection. No posing, no stress.

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