The 2022 and 2023 Great Hauntway Halloween events on the Great Highway were a wild success. The highway, sandwiched between the Ocean Beach sand dunes and the Outer Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco was transformed into a mile-and-a-half of Halloween costumes and trick-or-treat booths and decked-out families.

I had hoped that the Popup Photo Studio would be a fun activity for families, and a unique way to document as many costume-clad participants as I possibly could. But I wasn’t prepared for the sheer number of people who attended – literally hundreds of groups streamed in and out of the Popup Studio for three straight hours. I lost my voice, I burned through every battery I had, and I went home with cheeks tired from laughing and smiling. What incredible creativity and craftsmanship and energy this year at the Great Hauntway!

The Great Highway is currently a pedestrian park on weekends. Yesterday was a reminder of what an incredible & safe space we have bordering San Francisco to the west. To learn how to support the creation of a permanent oceanfront park, please visit

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