Man and woman with infant put foreheads together while walking down iconic Marin country dark sand beach.

Rodeo Beach at dawn has become my gold standard for light and contrast. Depending on the time of year, you have to get there really early. But the dark sand, the green and sandstone hills, the ocean and the lagoon all come together to create absolute magic soon after sunrise.

Emma and Klas scheduled this photo session specifically because they are soon moving away from the Bay Area. They wanted to remember this season of their lives and to be able to show their daughter where she was born. I always ask couples what their average weekend day looks like and these two told me how much they love to drive around the North Bay, exploring Marin’s beaches and headlands. Rodeo Beach seemed like the perfect fit.

It really doesn’t matter if the morning is sunny or overcast (I love both) but when we find mixed sun and clouds I consider myself lucky. Dark skies are beautiful backdrops, especially when there is some texture as the clouds break up. Sometimes you get my favorite light in the world – sunshine streaming underneath an overcast. On this morning we had all of the best kinds of light and shadow.

Outdoor newborn sessions come with challenges. This little girl was about ready for a nap, a bit hungry, and not sure how she felt about the chilly morning. We kept it short, about 45 minutes, and as you can see that was all the time we needed. And all the tender, loving captures from this session are proof that a fussy baby is nothing to worry about during your photo session.

Man squeezes baby to cheek in front of sunset and rocky beach.

I’m David, and I photograph Bay Area families that are super proud of where they live. My easygoing presence puts everyone at ease, and I focus on candid emotion and moments of connection. No posing, no stress.

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