The Power of Prints

You have tens of thousands of digital images stored somewhere on a hard drive. But I’ll bet the few printed photos you possess are more meaningful than all of them.

You understand the power of printed photography, and you want to gift that to a spouse or a parent.

But how do you choose? How can you know what image will resonate? Honestly, you can’t. It’s too personal.

This was my struggle last Fall as I searched for the perfect photo gift for my wife. I simply could not choose a single image. Or even three.

Photo print of mother and baby rests on glass photo box.

Now available for purchase
in your session gallery!

Like an Old Shoebox of Photos

What I needed was something that could start small, with a handful of images that could become fifty over the years.

I found myself thinking of shoeboxes in attics filled with decades-old prints. How you could easily add more anytime you wanted. And how you could also pull them out with a grandchild and physically leaf through the prints.

I wanted that feeling, without the shoebox.

Answer: The Glass Print Case

The Display

These took me a long time to find. They are sourced from Ukraine – perfectly imperfect artisan pieces, and they fit seamlessly into our home (a mix of MCM, bohemian, beachy, and lived-in-chaotic :).

I ended up gifting my wife two of them. The first a 5×7 case with a small selection of fine art prints, used for her all-time favorite images. The second a 4×6 case with a larger stack of inexpensive prints, perfect for snapshots.

Stack of three glass boxes with photos.
Torn-edge fine art photo papers

The Prints

I added to the larger box a selection of archival prints on cotton paper for the most elegant display and an incredible feel in the hands.

The second I filled with C-type prints – a modern take on traditional film prints. Inexpensive, yet they last for decades. We add to them often.

A Gift That Gets Used

I see this as one of the best gifts I’ve ever given, mostly because we interact with these photographs every day. We pick them up and leaf through the prints, especially when friends or family visit. As our daughter gets older, she will do the same.

Once these boxes are overflowing I will buy another, and once those are filled we will start archiving older prints for safe storage.

How do you
get one?

Through your photo session image gallery! You simply choose the box & paper combination, then select your favorite images. I make it really easy!

You will have two base options to choose from –

1. Timeless

Starting at $395

Ten 5×7 archival prints on thick cotton paper. Matte finish. The giclee printing process guarantees beautiful results that will last for generations.

2. Everyday

Starting at $295

Twenty 4×6 C-type photographic prints with a lustre finish. Laser-exposed photographic paper, chemically processed (no inks) for an affordable and lasting option.

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