Film Photography

Documentary family photography with a slower pace and a vintage vibe.

Beyond words

I can spot a film photo immediately. There is a feeling that digital photography cannot be duplicated.

But you already knew that. You are here because you feel the way I do about film photographs.

What’s behind that feeling? Photographers try to explain it with technical terms like dynamic range and grain structure.

We often cite the fact that each photo is given more attention because there are only so many on each roll of film.

But the sum is greater than the parts – the magic of film is beyond words.

Documentary Film Portfolio

A New Offering

Being completely honest, I’m nervous about offering film photography as a paid service.

I first fell in love with photography in the darkroom. The physicality of the process was mesmerizing. Light captured on a negative, translated to photo paper with a projector – you could see and feel every step of the process.

Even though I adopted digital photography with the rest of the world, I never lost my love for film.

I chose to document the first year of my daughter’s life almost exclusively on film.

Why am I nervous? Because film pictures look different than most of the work on my website. Because you can’t see the images until the film is developed. Because you only get 36 shots per roll.

So I am starting small, offering film as an add-on to my current sessions.

The Film Process

Adding film to your documentary photo session is easy. Here’s what to expect.


Book a Session

Family, maternity, or newborn documentary…start by choosing a session date.


Add Film

Select the film add-on in your session proposal.


Be Patient

Due to processing times, film adds 2 weeks to delivery times.


Image Delivery

Your negatives are scanned at high resolution and delivered digitally.

Film Photography Pricing

Starting at $200

2 rolls of 35mm film

10+ images delivered

Good vibes, guaranteed


I usually start with film, spending 15-30 minutes finishing two rolls. Film lends itself to a slower pace and a more documentary photography approach. This is a great time to get to know you, your kids, or anyone else in attendance. The old film camera with the loud shutter has a way of building trust, allowing me to sit back and observe the way everyone interacts naturally. TLDR – sessions that include film tend to be slower and quieter, creating images with an editorial feel.

Yes! Modern scanners allow your film negatives to be translated to high-quality jpeg images. They still retain the look and feel of film images, even when printed from these digital files. It’s the best of both worlds, really.

Sessions including film photography are delivered within 6 weeks of the session date. Rush processing is available for an additional fee. 

I keep the negatives. You will have the ability to download high-resolution digital JPEG scanned images. If it is important to you to keep the negatives, please reach out and I will provide options.

Book a Session

My calendar fills up fast. Summer, Fall, and weekends in San Francisco often book at least 6 weeks in advance. Get in touch today to find some availability.

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