Popup Photo Studio

Elevate your
Bay Area event.

Make your event unforgettable.

With a fun and interactive Popup Photo Studio

Ok, so…

What is a Popup Portrait Studio?

What we offer is a completely different experience with a professional photographer, and it is specifically tailored to your needs. We bring years of experience and the confidence that comes with it, allowing participants to relax and have a great time.

By adding the Popup Portrait Studio to your event, you are creating an interactive and personal experience for the attendees. And experiences like these make your event stand out.

“…He Really Put Us At Ease And Captured Our Family Wonderfully!”

– Anne Diaz
Bernal Heights

“…got my 7 yr old to really open up for some great photos!”

– Joe Wilson
San Francisco

“…Caught Some Really Sweet Moments That We Will Treasure Forever!

– Morgan Broms
Outer Sunset

You get the idea, but…

How does it work?

The Popup Portrait Studio can be set up quickly indoors, outdoors, day or night. Originally created for street fairs and artisan markets, it fits perfectly into a self-contained 10×10 tent and is inherently low-maintenance. We don’t need external power…or anything, for that matter. About the only place it doesn’t work is in extreme wind or heavy rain.

The image delivery process is also seamless. Participants fill out a quick online form via iPad or QR code, which captures their email address. Within 7 days of the event, they receive a link to…

In case you were wondering…

There are some added benefits.

Access to any email addresses collected from participants.

Your brand’s copy or offers can be included in follow-up emails to participants.

Access to photos & video for marketing purposes (only from consenting participants).

Have a branded backdrop? We’ll work that in.

Yeah, this is perfect, so…

How do we make it happen?


your date

Click the link below to answer a few questions and secure your event date.


the experience

During the onboarding process, you will have the chance to tell us about the participant experience you are looking for.



You’re busy, you’re planning an event. Scheduling the Popup Portrait Studio is easy. Take this off your plate!

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