If you want all the details about this location, check out my Baker Beach Photoshoot Location Guide.

This Pacific Heights family loves to get outside with their toddler and pup every chance they get. The session was defined by the toddler-led philosophy, meaning that wherever this little guy wanted to explore, we followed. I love this way of photographing because it cues the parents (and me too) into moments and elements that we might have otherwise missed.

I always send out a personal questionnaire before the session. Mom mentioned that she was looking for photos that didn’t feel posed and that their family can feel a little nervous in front of the camera. We used lots of movement and activities (climbing trees, blowing bubbles) to eliminate any tension and capture an easygoing afternoon at the beach. After the session, she mentioned that one of her favorites was the one with them chasing the seagull – a favorite of mine as well!

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