From Ashley, a San Francisco mom of two –

“My husband and I have only ever had professional photos taken for our engagement and wedding, and neither of us is super comfortable on camera. Add to that my two-year-old son who is shy and rarely even wants us to take his picture! I was concerned about finding the right person for our family – that person was David. He made things so easy for us, just like walking with a friend through the park, talking about life and both of our upcoming bundles of joy. He found just the right way to put our son at ease and not on display.

“We were in love with all of our photos! Most everything was candid, which is totally the style I wanted and love. So many of the photos show the true love coming out of our son’s eyes. I will always treasure these pictures of my husband, toddler, and myself with a baby on the way. It captured our perfect little family of three before we became a family of four. I love the images of my son looking up adoringly at us, and “high-fiving” his brother in my belly. They’re magical.

“David’s communication was on point and his photographs were gorgeous. I wouldn’t change a thing! I hope to have him photograph our family of four in the near future!”

Man looks out from behind a professional camera

Thanks for being here. I’m David Enloe, a San Francisco family photographer. I make soul-stirring pictures for families that find adventure around every corner. Want to learn more about the person behind the camera?