When I step into a family’s home for a newborn session, I hope to cultivate and capture a feeling of peace.

Peace is what we all hope to find and feel during those first few weeks of our child’s life. But the transition is hard, physically, emotionally, logistically…it is not always as easy to find peace as we had hoped.

In this family’s San Francisco home, I immediately felt a sense of peace. The aura was warm and welcoming. Our interactions and conversations were comfortable. I felt at ease moving through their home and my mind was free to notice magic little moments and to feel inspired and creative.

As a new parent myself, I thought a lot about what these lovely parents were doing right. Were they on the perfect schedule? Did they have the right sleep consultant? Were they actually unicorns?

But of course, it comes down to the fact that they had love. Lots and lots of love. They were letting love and gratitude guide their first weeks at home with their first child. And they were sharing that love easily, even with their photographer 🙂

They also did a great job timing their newborn session – they even inspired me to write this article titled “When Should You Schedule Newborn Photos?

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