The San Francisco Botanical Gardens must have a thousand moods, and I love how these moods are each reflected in a family or a couple.

This afternoon was sunny, but it was late in the day and the middle of winter – the sun was low and there was a softness to the light. Deep in the trees, there was a sense of quiet.

The mood was a perfect fit. These two were incredibly at ease with each other and obviously excited about the new life soon to become a part of their family. But I find with maternity there is also always a quiet thoughtfulness.

It is a season of change and a season of looking inward. That is a big part of the story I love to tell.

Man squeezes baby to cheek in front of sunset and rocky beach.

I’m David, and I photograph Bay Area families that are super proud of where they live. My easygoing presence puts everyone at ease, and I focus on candid emotion and moments of connection. No posing, no stress.

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