Golden Hour has become a household term for anyone interested in outdoor photography. It refers to the hour(ish) after sunrises or before sunset when the light is soft, glowy, and warm. If you want all the technical details – when it happens and how to photography it – I suggest this article by Expert Photography.

Amongst photographers, the idea of black and white images during Golden Hour might seem a bit ludicrous. Why waste that beautiful golden light by removing the golden part?

The simple answer is that sometimes I find it distracting. Yes, it can make an image feel warm and glowy, but when I want to bring a viewer’s eye to something besides the feeling, that’s when I opt for black and white. What else might I be drawing attention to? Usually a magic moment, sometimes a composition. You will see both in the photo below.

Beyond that, two of the reasons that Golden Hour light is so exceptional – scattered light and reflection – still apply to black and white images. There is still a dramatic softness that photographs beautifully with or without color. 

Here is a gallery of some favorite black and white Golden Hour images.

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