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As you can see, this family was a lot of fun. I didn’t need to give much direction – they just did them. Their older boy attended the local Sunset Coop preschool, located right on the Great Highway, so they know Ocean Beach like it’s their backyard. We chose a favorite spot to throw down the beach blanket, then migrated down to the water’s edge to get our feet wet.

Living in San Francisco, especially in the far western neighborhoods (Sunset, Richmond) you learn to accept that fog is always possible. Bright sunshine and deep fog alternate throughout the summer, and the switch from one to the other can be swift and complete.

When I first moved here I would reschedule photo sessions as soon as the fog rolled in. But I wasn’t doing anyone any favors. The quality of light that coastal fog produces is incredible for portrait photography, and it always means that there are half (or less) as many people at the beach or on the trails.

I now genuinely love the fog just as much as I love the sunshine.

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